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BT. Unfail?

Lets be frank. Me an BT have a bit of a bad history, especially when it comes to moving house. It was with slight anxiety that I picked up the phone to call BT’s “Home mover” department to inform them that, once again, I was moving house.

Brief interlude: I’m moving house! Some point in February it turns out. It’s as close to being a done deal without actually being a legally done deal, so I’m currently dividing my time between wandering aimlessly around John Lewis or looking at gardening catalogues. This must be what being middle-aged perpetually feels like. I’m rapidly learning that houses are quite expensive, and also bring me daily joy in finding surprisingly new and innovative ways of being expensive. My way of coping with all of this is through a combination of selling random things, daydreaming and trying to forget about the fact that my current landlord is holding a fairly hefty deposit with my name on it. Hopefully, that’ll be a nice surprise when (if) it turns up.

I was saying something about BT. Oh yes. It seems they’ve got better. Someone answered the phone after two rings, and merrily explained to me that because I know I’m moving house they don’t have to charge me for taking them by surprise. Everything appears sorted, although experience tells me there’s a lot that can go wrong yet. We will see.