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Not the wonders of technology, and not in Wales

I’m now back in England, that place which is next to Wales. I had an eventful journey back: After planning to catch the 4pm from Stockport yesterday, I (and everyone else sitting on the train waiting to leave) discovered that it had been cancelled as they couldn’t get anyone from Manchester to work the train. Something about a bomb threat. Anyway, the 14 million of us standing on the platform were told to board this small 2 coach thing to Crewe and change there. Watching as about half of the 14 million people attempted to board this and mostly failed, I decided I’d wait for the 5pm. The 5pm turned up, and I got on along with the other 7 million people who weren’t currently somewhere else. Virgin do this cool thing where they only charge £15 to sit in first class at the weekend, so I asked if they were still doing that. The nice person who seemed to be in charge said that today the upgrade was free because of all the problems they were having. There are 8 coaches on one of these trains, and 3 of them are first class. There were about 5 other people sensible enough to take the free upgrade and share 3 coaches between them, and 7 million people who were stupid enough not to take the upgrade and therefore shared 5 coaches between them. For once, I had a rather happy journey in my own personal carriage. Oh well. :) The only problem I had was that Vodafone doesn’t seem to have been invented in the midlands, so internet access was patchy. Annoying, but unavoidable unless some sort of technological revolution were to happen. In the midlands.

After fighting my way across London, I managed to do a 2 things this weekend:

  1. Laundry

  2. Make some of the music soundtrack for some show which is going to Edinburgh

…Ok, I know they won’t let me get away with that.


It’s amazing! It’s wonderful! It’s fab! It’s got dancing cows, prostitutes and nuns! It’s coming soon to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (at the C Venues), and it runs the whole of August! It even has a website! Here! Come see it! I’ll give you a discount* because I’m part of it! Yay!

*May not actually be true

There we go.