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It's cold and I've been wrapping things up all day. Ergo, it's Christmas time

No updates in a while. I’ve had quite an interesting December. First was the wonderful experience of decided what work I was going to do this year, as opposed to what I’m going to put off until next year. As the month progressed, the latter pile started to get rather large, so in the end I just went on holiday.

New York was fun. But very very very very cold. I’ve never seen New York in the snow before, but now I have I’m happy to say that I’d not like to see it again for a while. Pretty, but painful. I also hear that the airports shut the day after I got back (Sunday). Anyhow, I’m back in the wonders of the north, which is surprisingly warm in comparison to last week.

I’ll probably spend all the time between now and the new year inventing new ways in which to get drunk. Mostly involving Martini glasses.