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Survey of Double Chocolate Muffins in Cambridge

As I live in Cambridge now, I decided to carry out a survey to see which cake shop sold the best double chocolate muffins. In case you do not know, a double chocolate muffin is a large-ish mushroom shaped cake made of chocolate sponge with chocolate chips in. Here’s a diagram:

Diagram of a Muffin

These vary hugely in quality, size and price. I knew what had to be done to clear up any confusion on this hotly debated topic. Please note, this is not an excuse for me to go round eating lots of chocolate. That’s just a perk. There are also pictures of each to come.


Nadia’s is a cake shop chain that has four shops in Cambridge. The particular shop I visited was on King’s Parade and is where I usually go for all cakes and things. This particular muffin cost 80p but was quite small. However, it was so good, that I went and bought another. The other advantage of this place is that they’re baked on site on the same day. Overall then, a decent 9/10. It falls a point short as it wasn’t filling enough.

The Pembroke Trough

This is the common name of the main dining hall in Pembroke College, where I live. I decided to buy and examine one of the things which they call a muffin in the main dining hall. It cost me a pound and was small and wasn’t very good. It’s also one of those mass-produced things and so was a bit stale with not much chocolate inside. 2/10 for trying.


Like Nadia’s, Millie’s is a chain. Unlike Nadia’s, it is a nationwide chain. This however, does not stop them baking on site. As a result, their muffins are most pleasing. The only thing that stopped me buying two, is price as it costs £1.30 which is expensive. However, they are very large and very filling and so there is not much need to have another one. I’d say 8/10 as they are slightly too big.

Don Pasquale

I haven’t spelled this right probably… This is a small(ish) Italian restaurant in the centre of Cambridge and they don’t do muffins as such, but their brownie was basically just a cuboid muffin. Anyway, it was large, expensive, served with cream and lovely. I think that’s all I have to say about it. Obviously they wouldn’t serve it with cream if you didn’t eat it inside. But I did cos it’s a nice place. Slightly expensive and they didn’t take switch under £8 so only 7/10.


Everyone know who these people are. They are the saviors to all Cambridge Students. I wouldn’t say their muffins are up to much though. 75p each, medium-sized, not much chocolate and a bit stale. Only 6/10 here.

Well, I used to have a bit here saying “To Be Contined”. That was about a year ago, and this is me continuing. Due to work (etc) I’ve not had much time to venture further out into the great unkown for me that is the Cambridge Muffin culture, but I thought I would round things off here, make it pretty, and add more cake when I ate it. One day, I hope to have pictures :)

Place of buyage Price Good things Bad things Mark
Nadia’s 80p Scrummy They have ways of making you buy more 9/10
Pembroke £1 Near to where I live Eugh 2/10
Millie’s £1.30 Chunky Pricy 8/10
Don Pasquale Lots more than anywhere else Creamy Wrong shape 7/10
Sainsbury’s 75p You can get steak and wine at the same time (woo, that rhymed) Just a bit average 6/10

Well, that just about wraps it up here. I hope everyone had a lovely time, but there won’t be souvenirs. I’m sorry.