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Ow. That hurt.

I bought some memory yesterday, and it arrived today, which isn’t bad seeing as it’s a bank holiday weekend. Kudos to those people over at Crucial. The grand plan was to sell the current stuff off to someone else and buy some new memory so I could have an extra DIMM slot free blah blah blah.

Anyway, took old memory out, put new in. It said “I don’t like this” by beeping at me lots. So I took new memory out, put old in. It beeped. I took memory out. It beeped. Here was a £200 piece of hardware that was complaining for no apparent reason. I thought I had killed it and was therefore running around the room yelling things and pausing every now and again to change direction.

2 hours of this passed after which it decided to un-break and fix itself and finally acknowledge that nothing was wrong and that nothing ever had been wrong. Damn thing.

For anyone that might be bothered, I’ve got to be up early tomorrow and I’m not feeling particularly 100% (more like 4%) so I might just go get lots and lots of shut-eye.