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Unusual Winter Activities

It’s been a while again. So this may be a long one.

Been doing a few things here and there. Work is good. I’m doing useful things which is a good thing, and there’s other magic things like overtime that also need to be factored in to how good things are. Still need to sort that out. Ah well. I still hav e8 days of holiday to take which neatly covers the entirety of the last 2 weeks in December. So I’m on holiday from the 19th right up until the third of the new year and this year I shall probably be doing the same as last year and will go and enjoy the snow ‘hup norf. Before I go, I’ve got to sit through another week at work which involves a whole two days of “training”. “Training” usually consists of sitting in a room and sleeping. Actually, that’s unfair - sometimes I learn things. On the whole though it does get in the way. This week, for example, the Queen of this fine land is coming to open our building (officially - I think they do it about 8 months after it really opens to make sure the lifts work and everything) on Tuesday morning and I could have been at the nice ceremony thingie, rubbing shoulders with the great and the highest. Could have even sweet-talked my way to a knighthood or something. Instead, however, I’m in “training”. So I’ll be learning about project management and not performing worthy self-promotion. Bah.

This morning I played cricket. This is something I do every weekend on either Sunday or Saturday morning at some ungodly hour and have done since we moved here in September. It started off as a sensible exercise, when the sun rose at 5am and set in the evening. Now, however, when it’s pitch black at 9am and again at 3pm, the frost on the ground means that your feet are wet almost immediately, the ground is so hard and slippery that running is impossible, and you realise that despite best efforts, you’re still playing with a tennis ball and a size 2 bat, you start to realise that this is getting a little silly. Actually, the darkness that set in in the afternoon may have been as a result of the big black cloud that’s drifting across the south east at the moment. In any case, I managed to break my arm and be out quite a number of times in the 5 hours of play that occurred.

I’m going to see Narnia now. I shall report back.