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W00t. And a Yay!

Well, it’s finally arrived. Happy New Year to everyone. I had an ‘interesting’ new year’s eve to say the least.It was generally decided that we should go to Times Square as that apparently would be the place to be. After getting there at about half five and going through about 385 separate security checks, we found ourselves in not too bad a spot in a large crowd pen at about 46th/47th street. This was all well and fine, but we eventually realised that nothing actually happens and we were too far away to be able to hear any of the entertainment. That coupled with the fact that there wasn’t enough room really to do anything other than stand up and feel your back ache led to us taking the decision to leave at about 8 and go to the park. It got a bit more lively in the park when we walked into and fell into a rather strange conversation with 3 Americans. That passed the time rather well, and after watching the rather good fireworks go off at midnight, I went home, as it was pretty damn cold.So that was my New Year. Different, certainly.Now I’m going to eat cake.