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I feel I should rant some more. I had a little bit of a rant in my previous entry a few hours back, but I feel that I’m not done yet.

I have nothing to do. This is a result mainly of the fact that I don’t have an income, not having a job. The reason I don’t have a job is that no-one wants to employ me. On a temping basis, it appears that just no-one wants to hire someone with a degree, and on a permanent basis, I don’t have a good enough degree. So I sit here and occupy this middle ground whilst at the same time wonder where the money for rent is going to come from.

So I have a plan.

I’m going to create some sort of random decision making process whereby it is randomly decided what occupation I should try and have. I think that my main problem is that I don’t care enough about any particular area in which I might want to get a job. So I should pick an area, and just work on that. I’ll let the world know which particular career path I’ve decided to fling myself at as soon as I decide. Or god decides, depending on what you believe.

I think I’m just waffling now just for the sake of not having to make this decision. It’s an excuse thingie whereby I just extend whatever I happen to be doing at the moment just to prevent myself moving onto the next thing in my life, just because I might not like what’s going to happen next. That’s pretty much what’s happening here - I’m just typing words, because I can’t type and decide what job to do. That would be silly. If I’m going to decide this, then I need to be free from distractions. However, I know this and create distractions like typing waffle to the rest of the world for as long as possible. Hang on, someone spoke to me on icq.

Wow, that was profound. I just applied for 6 jobs which I don’t understand but I’m apparently qualified for, as well as applying to be a techie at the local theatre for the upcoming christmas period. Anyway, I’m bored of typing, so I’m going to stop now.