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The Joy of Beer

The problem with Cambridge is that I still don’t like it here. It’s not the place, more the people. It’s rather refreshing to get out into the real world where people do things properly, and away from the fantasy world that Pembroke invents for itself where it feels it can do what it likes and get away with it.

Honestly, if you tried to run a country by putting 100 people in the same room, all with their own little agendas and wants, gave them all one vote each, and told them to make decisions, it would collapse quite quickly. That’s pretty much how college seems to be run. But hey, I’ve left now. They’re not able to fine me.

In other news, the weather here is still as freaky (crap) as normal. I’ll be drinking cheap beer tonight and then returning to the land of the normal people after that. Mind you, I say the land of the normal people but in such a place I can’t get interviews for half the jobs I want to do, and I’m “overqualified” and therefore “rejected” for the other half. The paying the bills time of the month is going to be fun.

Right, I must go shout and swear at someone important in college.