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Morons. The lot of them.

I was in a peculiar position yesterday. I was reading one of the fine free daily news publications with the word ‘London’ in the title on the train and I happened to stumble upon the letters page. Now, usually the letters page of something like the Times is quite a good read, as it provides some intelligent comment and debate from those inclined to write in. However, it seems those of a somewhat less informed view on the world have taken it upon themselves to write in to newspapers to demonstrate the level of their understanding.

The first was a vegan. He seemed to be strongly pushing the idea that if everyone stopped eating meat then we could solve the world’s climate issues. This argument had been ‘raging’ for a few days now, with the predictable rebuttals of “vegetarians fart more” and “if we eat the cows, then they’re not contributing as much to the greenhouse effect as if we don’t eat them”. Both sides of the argument have rather significant flaws in them, which would indicate that this is very much a debate not worth having, at all. Ever. The thing that really got to me was the way in which this particular sect of the vegan movement have basically jumped on the popularity of the climate change bandwagon in order to promote their own agenda. I couldn’t care less if someone decides they don’t want to eat something, but it particularly bugs me when people try to justify why the rest of the world should conform to their thinking.

The second was a bit peculiar in that they rambled about mysterious unspecified studies showing that porn encouraging rape. I’m not altogether what this was in response to, but I think might be a little misguided. Certainly fits my definition of ‘moronic’.

My point is, that due to various things I had no mechanism by which to write in to the paper and explain why such people look like idiots. I suppose this may be a good thing as I find that the tactics behind editors’ decisions over what letters to print usually result in the most weird and minority opinions being published. I’m looking forward to what they print on Monday.