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A rather surreal evening

Well, that was weird. I had a nice long evening of work planned for tonight, and it all went pear-shaped.

I was told about a party occurring at 7:30 at a friends. This is not unusual. I turned up at about 8, and found lots of people cooking random potato/onion things, which subsequently turned out to be lovely. Then people decided to mix apples and bananas with them, and that was slightly weird. Then a box of dry ice was “discovered” in the corner, and thus ensued a rather random episode involving hot water, a vase, and dry ice. I think the word “atmosphere” arose at some point. Anyway, after that there was a strange pseudo-threesome in the corner, followed by another two people turning up and promptly massaging each other, before disappearing again.

This made things lurch from bad to worse.

A board-game called “The Evil Devil-Bunny” or some variation on that (I really can’t remember) was produced, and played by various people, whilst other various people googled around for “What to do with Dry Ice”. It gets worse when someone mentioned that if you fill a sink with washing-up liquid and hot water, and then tip dry ice into it, it explodes. We tried. It went a bit mad.

It was at this point I think my physique was complemented.

Then (it goes on) someone (might have been me) decided that a small container with a tight fitting lid would make quite a good projectile if filled with dry ice and water - this turned out to be true.

After resultant injuries has been compensated for with more alcohol and vegan ice cream, it was then decided that a random 1 day trip to somewhere not in England would be a really good idea. After a frantic array of internet searching for cheap flights, and then disappointment coinciding with the dawning of information that it’s valentine’s day this weekend, the party broke up.

I was too scared to collect my rum by the 2 probably-not-wearing-any-clothes that were sharing a room with my bottle of rum.