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I’m currently out of the country in a place where connectivity is rather limited. This appears to have sparked some strange urge to do as much as possible with the internet when the internet decides to make itself available. That explains this post. It doesn’t explain the bad grammar or sentence structure - you have my English teacher to thank for that.

Hopefully the DNS problems that I had before have disappeared now. I was doing some styling updates that aren’t quite complete. Mostly making images smaller, getting rid of flash graphs and rewriting some JavaScript bits. The problem was figuring put how to invalidate those files on the CDN. I’m testing so that the new versions got served immediately. It’s given me an interesting problem to think about how to keep markup and stylesheets / script files in sync when they’re being served up from different sources. One for another day though

In other news, my BMW F800s has suffered complete engine failure and BMW are being a bit unhelpful about it; I now need to drive through the Atlas mountains in a tiny car; and it’s nearly Christmas and I’ve not bought anything for anyone yet. More on all these things later.