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Unjustified bliss

I’ve started to get those moments again where I suddenly stop, realise that I’m feeling pleased/happy/euphoric and can’t remember why. I then spend the next 30 minutes wandering round in a curious state of bliss before it hits me what exactly it was that made me happy. Feeling even better that I remembered what it was, I then promptly forget all about it, until about an hour later when I realise that I’m happy, but can’t quite remember why.

It’s strange, and I can’t be the only person on this plant afflicted with an over-active (possibly bored) sub-concious that plays games with my mind. Although, I must say, it never happens the other way. Wandering round feeling angry/sad and not knowing why would be enough to, well, be angry. Or sad.

Currently I appear to be happy because the things that I’d like to be unknown and interesting about the future are being unknown and interesting. I’ll finish my current job in the summer and then do something crazy for a bit, followed by something a bit less crazy. All looks like it’s going to be fun.

I’ve taken on a new project which tries to actually analyze web statistics in a meaningful way. I’ve been persuaded away from Google Analytics to something more server-sidey. Hopefully it should be able to do all the vhosts on a single server, rather than just individual sites. Pretty graphs might come into the picture as well.

And I encourage everyone to take advantage of the current £/$ rate (currently sitting at 2.0028/29 in that brief millisecond that I glanced at it). I certainly did and I’m soon-to-be 146Gb better off for it.