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Once again. Getting older time.

That time of year has rolled around and suddenly I’m a year older. Which is fun, because it means people buy me things and I like that. :-)

For the first time in a while, the weather is looking decidedly grey here. It’ll probably rain later, which is great because rain here is unlike British rain. British rain is usually a bit soggy, grey and generally half-hearted. When it rains here, you’re soaked if you stand outside for more than 10 seconds. It’s proper rain and makes going anywhere without an umbrella a true adventure.

Also, I’ve decided to drop one of my two current projects before it’s even really began. It was going to be a good online photo manager, that I could use to store my originals and provide user-based or level-based access to different resolutions and albums. However, I decided to drop it, mainly because I found a good commercial solution for my photo storing needs, which handles web publishing. Also, there was the small issue of the fact that my originals directory is about 4.5Gb, and I don’t have that much space on my host. It’s a shame, because it looked like a good challange, but handling thousands of large (up to 70Mb) images just isn’t that practical on a website without building a largish backend infrastructure. My other project, PSPlant is still going strong and I’ll be putting some info up about that shortly.

Anyways, must get back to work. Inexplicably, I’m using Access.