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Electric Six at the Bowery

Well, last night was interesting - I knew that Electric Six had just started a US tour and their night in NY was last night, at the Bowery Ballroom.

It didn’t really start off well when I went to the ATM to get cash. An amnesia fit meant that I managed to block my card, thus leaving me without any ability to get cash. No cash = no taxi to venue. After a subsequent spate of lateral thinking, I managed to make use of a phone and a credit card to get what I needed. After that, things went well. The venue was tiny, about half the size of anything I’d been to before - which meant that the keen people (like me) actually got to lean on the stage. No crowd control and no silly European noise restrictions = good gig. They even let me play some notes at the end (it got quite silly). Not sure if that counts as fulfilling my ambition to play bass loudly on a stage somewhere somehow before I’m 40. Probably not….

It’s 11:30, and I just got up. Sundays are a wonderful thing :-)