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Well, as some of you might have guessed, Notnet were hacked. I’ve just managed to get round to restoring the main pages and scripts which were got rid of, and now everything should work properly. Having spent the last 2 hours trying to break into my own server, I was slightly taken aback when I actually succeeded. Oh well. Something to fix I suppose.

For those that are interested, I had a very nice Christmas, with lots of chocolate and other such lovely things (women, wine etc). I’m off to Wales in a few days to enjoy new year on the beach there. People tell me it’s going to be cold, but I don’t believe them. Not in January, on the north cost.But for the first time in a very very long time, I managed to see snow yesterday. I should explain. I live in what’s called the “south”. This is a very nice place with very few strange people. However, it doesn’t snow much, least of all on Christmas Day. However, for the past few days (including Christmas), I have been inhabiting an area near the “south”, called the “north”. Here, the people are slightly more strange, talk funny, and generally experience more snow. It was pretty :)

Now I need to go fix a bunch of stuff that broke.