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I’ve just spent the best part of the last hour and a half wondering around the internet, awe-struck with the amount of interesting new stuff that can be found just by putting the names of people I’ve not seen for a while (including myself, not as a person I’ve not seen for a while though) into Google. I think the most shocking thing I found was that the new Dean of Pembroke, Cambridge (the old stomping ground) has a Blog! I’ve yet to meet the new Dean, so given my knowledge of the old Dean, I’m very curious to see the difference in approach that would lead the latest person fulfilling this role to echo their thoughts on Blogspot. I look forward to meeting them at some point in the future when I decide to drop by.

Richard tells me that porn is a very lucrative business (see what I did there? Lurched from Christianity to Porn. Smoooth). He leads me to believe that by simply setting up some thumbnail gallery pages, I could (in theory) pull in a 6-figure salery, for only a few hours work a day, if that. This is on the basis that someone we both are aware of is apparently making almost that much doing that very thing. Now, I’m a developer (well, a bit of me is) and there’s no reason to believe why this work couldn’t be automated. I proposed a partnership, but Richard was concerned about the moral issues in making cash from such an industry. Personally, I don’t see an issue - I’d be quite happy to be a ‘Porn King’ on the side, no-one would ever need know. I might already be and could be using guile and cunning here to throw any scent- sniffers off the afore-mentioned scent. However, I’m not that well off (so I’d have you all believe) so it seems unlikely. I may pursue this in the future, if I’m ever exiled for tax fraud, or something.

My computer exploded. Actually, it didn’t but I like to draw the crowds with a fast-paced, catchy start to a paragraph. A bit of it went ‘pop’ and nearly cost me a rather large amount of money. As it turned out, it only cost me a smallish amount to replace it, but it was annoying, a waste of time and caused a great deal of stress. Makes me want to throw the whole lot away most of the time and take up painting. Or become a porn king.

I’ve been not 100% well over the past few days, which culminated today in feeling not very well at all. I went to bed at 5ish, but got up shortly afterwards as I realised that I was just aching and staring at the ceiling. At least I can get this out the way before I get back to the UK next week. I’m taking a Monday night flight and then staying in my NEW HOUSE!!!!!! until the next Monday, upon which day I return to NY. The new house thing is exciting for a few reasons - Firstly, it’s not a house that I own, so I don’t have a mortgage or anything. Secondly, I’ve been paying rent on this place for a month now, and haven’t seen it with furniture in yet. I’ve seen it a few times, when we were looking for a new place back in June/July, but I’m assured that it’s properly lived-in now, so it’ll be interesting how the ‘people’ I live with have taken all their stuff from a large 4-story townhouse in Greenwich (a lot of stuff) and shoved it in a 4-bedroom flat in Dulwich. Thirdly, I’m excited because there’s going to be a PARTY! with lots of people that I know (hopefully) on Saturday, which is a good thing. Not been to a party in a while - at least, not a real one.

It’s nearly 1:20am here. I’m not tired. But I should sleep. I’ll probably update this once I get to the UK and have slept some.