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Feeling the love


Nothing going on over here,Nothing going on over there,I just got out of bed,And now I’m making lunch.

Sorry it doesn’t rhyme. I didn’t try.

In other news, I got a job. It’s a dull job, but it does that important thing which all jobs do - it pays money. And that’s something I’ve not had for a good 3 years now. To be fair, I still won’t have it in a month’s time, but at least I will owe the bank slightly less money.It’s also coming up to be that time of the year when the annual Pembroke College Choir Tour gets organised. I did it last year, people may remember, and I’m not doing it all this year, thank god. My argument is that I have better things to do such as get this company I started up and running, and look for a job, and other important stuff.

Still, life is looking up. Lunch is done.