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All Flickr uploaders suck. So I'm going to write my own.

I use Flickr. I put all the photos I’ve ever taken on there, because there’s a myriad of applications out there that will let me access, download, cache, and otherwise view pictures on flickr with comparative ease. And being able to access any one of the >10,000 photos that I’ve accumulated at the touch of a button, on my phone, is something I like a lot.

Since moving house, we’ve had some difficulty getting together the process of figuring out some basic stuff, such as “What pictures shall we put on the walls”.

“Aha!”, I said. “I’ve got all my photos on Flickr, so they can be collectively viewed, commented upon, and recommended by all parties with an interest of the subject of ‘What goes on the wall’”.

“But what about my pictures?” came the immediate, and not surprising riposte from what can only be described as ‘The general manager’. “What if we want one of them on the walls?”

So began my problem, which is framed thus: How do you get 8,000 photos onto flickr, neatly categorised into sets, which are the same as the directories in which they currently live. I found folders2flickr, a self-described ‘Flickr uploader power tool’ and discovered that it wasn’t possible to get it working without a significant amount of hacking. Clearly, a better solution is needed.

So I’ve decided to write one. It’ll be called something silly like “FlickrPuttr”, or something similar. It’ll do exactly what it says on the tin, be well documented, and well supported. Maybe.