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It's Thursday Today. Apparently.

I’ve reached that point where I’ve done everything I need to or can do, and now I’m just waiting on other people to do other things for me. I missed the train this morning, mainly because I woke up at 7:38 and the train leaves at 7:36. Of course I didn’t tell anyone that. I merely strolled in about 20 minutes late with the excuse that I stayed 20 minutes late yesterday. Time- management, you just can’t beat it.

There are now 9 things to be done. I’ve done 3, I can’t do 2 yet, 1 of them isn’t going to get done because it’s stupid, and the rest are someone else’s problem. And I’ve got 15 minutes before I decide that I want to go to lunch, so I will pass the time by looking busy. Given the large ratio between the time that it takes for me to do things and the time everyone else thinks it takes me to do things, I’m getting rather good at looking busy. :-) Currently, 1$ is worth 56.56p. I know it’s a record low, but dammit it needs to go even lower. I just hope there isn’t a surge in the market before I leave on holiday…