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I'm in Spain :-)

It’s just gone half twelve here and it’s about 37 degrees outside. I can see the beach and the sea from where I’m sitting and the list of things that I have to do today is happily empty. I think therefore I might just go lie on the beach and do nothing.

I’m staying in a place called Calafell which is about an hour down the coast from Barcelona and has very few tourists, which is a good thing. So far, we (the Pembroke tour choir) have sung in Barcelona Cathedral (which was nice), a random church in Barcelona (again, nice), Tibidabo Cathedral (smaller than expected, but nice) and the church down the road (slightly weird). Only one more concert to do tomorrow, and then I’m back in sunny England on Wednesday which means that I can stop stressing about mildly incompetant spanish people who refuse to speak english at me. Ah well.

The beach is calling.