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That special time of year

One of the great advantages of having a real job is that it really makes you appreciate the holidays which you’re given. For example - I’m on holiday for the next couple of weeks until the new job (yay!) starts in January. To celebrate my first non-working Monday in at least a month, I’m having toast for lunch. This is something I’m unable to do in the office, unless I get some at 9:30 and hang on to it for a few hours. This isn’t something I’m likely to be very successful at.

Of course, holidays are meant to be for going away to sandy beaches, skiing in the snowy alps or other such frivolous activities. However, inspired by a lack of ability to pay for anything, I’m increasingly becoming happy to just sit around and do nothing. In this particular case, “nothing” equates to doing the dishes, hoovering, tidying up, sorting my clothes out, packing a bit for the trip to Manchester, doing the dishes again because I ate toast, re-packing etc. etc.

I’ve just realised that I want to go back to work. :-(