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New sofa!!!!!!

Hurrah! After much umming and erring, college finally got round to delivering me a new sofa. Well, I say “new”, by which I mean I’ve not seen it before and it’s never been in this room before. What I actually mean is that it’s probably about 349 years old, and has lots of interesting wildlife hiding in it. It’s rather comfy, but quite unattractive. Not that I rate the attractiveness of every sofa I see.Right, I really need to stop waffling and go and find some food. After that, I need to go and shop. And then I need to work. And somewhere along the line I need to put various things in the post to various people, and pay various cheques in. And I’m doing a practical all at the same time. And a person called Tristan tells me he’s coming to Cambridge over the weekend. I’ve never met him, and I’m never sure if he’s telling the truth or not. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.