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New Milestone

I just read something shocking: The Gentoo Wiki was hacked.

For those of you who don’t know, I shall explain what both Gentoo and a Wiki is.

Gentoo is a linux distribution. It is based on the following concept: Whenever you want to install something, you go download the source code and then compile it. Upside is that you can customize it to include stuff you need and get rid of crap you don’t. Downside is that a complete install can take 2 whole days of compiling. Oh well. There’s a love/hate thing about it.

A Wiki is an amazing invention. It is a website, but one in which anyone is free to change. If you need to create a centre of information, a wiki is useful as any incomplete/incorrect data can be updated by real people who actually know what they’re talking about. The Wikipedia is a general encyclopedia, but in a Wiki format.

From the above, you might conclude that “hacking” wiki isn’t necessarily a difficult. Thing. In fact, it might involve something as complicated as “editing the page” which you wish to “hack”.

Oh Dear.

In other news, I now own some stuff, I’m eating lunch, and drawing pretty things in Photoshop. Also, I’m going back to New York (yay!) in a month. Yay!