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On security, IPsec and IPv6

As technical problems go, getting IPsec working properly would usually score about a 7 on my imaginary 1-10 scale of ‘things that I think are difficult’. However, for some reason, I found myself dabbling with this very issue in order to solve a particular problem.

I’ve got a couple of development servers at home, where I do a lot of work for both myself and other people. Occasionally, I need to be able to access these remotely, but keep other people out at the same time. Now, there’s a number of different solutions for this, most of them slightly clunky. It did occur to me that these servers are IPv6 capable, and through the use of AICCU I can have IPv6 wherever I go. I had a plan.

What I really wanted was to be able to connect to these servers remotely, over any service/port and have that connection authenticated and encrypted. A full- whack VPN would probably do it, but I’ve had bad experiences with that. On- demand IPsec seemed a better idea, as that’s independent of what the traffic above it is (web, SMTP, etc.).

After some tinkering, I’m nearly there. I’m at the point where I can do on- demand ESP IPsec between a mobile, remote Linux client and a development server, authenticated with x509 certificates. Mostly using IPsec tools and Racoon. What I need to test next is other flavours of Linux, Windows and certificate revocation. Then I’ll do a proper write-up.