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I killed Picsie. Again.

Well, craziness has won the day, and I’ve killed off picsie. I had revived it a while back after the Extensis Portfolio fiasco, but now I really do believe that I’ve found a good piece of software that is a) already written and b) works.

That thing is: Adobe Lightroom!. This thing is really good - it’s a complete photo management thingie. RAW images from the camera go in one end, some tweaking, cropping etc goes on in the middle (with the option to go work on it in Photoshop if need be), and then you can send it straight to the printer or output a web gallery which it will upload over FTP for you. I’m rather impressed. I just need to import the few thousand photos I have lying around and then I’ll get around to actually uploading something. Until then, the photos bit might not work.

Of course, what is now likely to happen is that I actually buy it, and then I’ll hate it in about 2 months for whatever reason. Still, nothing like living in the present.