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New stuff! Again!

After sitting down and deciding that I should put new stuff onto the site, I remembered that I’d managed to do some cool things with time lapse videos. I first had the idea for doing them a little while back after discovering that Canon make a program through which you can remote control a digital camera, assuming it’s plugged in. I soon mastered the technique:

  1. Take a picture

  2. Wait a bit

  3. Repeat

After doing one or two and generally getting the hang of it, I did a few here and there. Some were crap, some were ok - I put the ok ones up in the magic videos section. At some point I’ll put pictures as the links instead of text showing exactly what’s going on. Can’t be arsed at the moment.

Now I’m going to talk about my day.

First thing I found out this morning is that my project has raised a purchase order of around 246,000.00 CHF (that’s 108,761.48 GBP according to of which about half was for the wrong stuff. Whether that money has been spent yet, I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve now got to figure out exactly how many licences for Microsoft SQL server I need bearing in mind they come in two different flavours (one about £5k and the other being about £15k). This might not even be my job. Bleh. At lunch, I decided to organise an abseil down the side of some Canary Wharf building because I have to raise £500 or so before I go to Sri Lanka on the 22nd March. Might be April. Can’t remember. That should be fun in any case. My afternoon was interesting, because it centred around pushing my project in a whole new direction based on the fact that it was actually possibly going to cost a hell of a lot in terms of bandwidth. Little did I know that an IM system of around 70,000 users needs rather a lot of bandwidth. So next week is going to be fun.

And I’m getting seriously pissed off with this keyboard. I will actually break it. Maybe. I’ll buy a new one first. Yes.