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Well, for those of you who may or may not know me, I’m back in cam tomorrow (today). In the continuing saga that is turning out to be “my week off”, I will have spent around £30 getting to and from Cambridge to learn that no matter wherever I am, I still feel shit. Still, it’s more peaceful here. The downside is washing-up. The flip-side to that obviously is eating whatever I decide I want to. Or whatever’s in the fridge, but those two lists usually coincide and that’s definately a good thing.

I haven’t yet decided what time I’d like to be there. A whole small fraction of me wants to be up there in time for brunch, but I can see this distinctly not happening. The other option is to get there much later, and lounge around here for a bit. Might even go to the park, provided the weather gets off its arse and does something approximating average for the time of year.

Must find a black studded dress shirt. Hmmm….