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I hate estate agents

So, I’ve moved house. This on its own is a good thing as I now have a lot more room to put stuff and live in a nicer place. However, when I combine these upsides with the sheer awfulness of having to physically move my stuff, get screwed over by estate agents and be surrounded by a web of general incompetence, I start to feel that this was a bad idea.

Getting movers in to move my stuff was a good plan. In an astonishingly short amount of time, they had emptied the old place of all boxes and furniture before racing over to the new flat and dumping it all in the lounge. Expensive people, but very much worth the money. This is where the goodness stopped. Despite the agents promising us that all the existing furniture could be removed, a quick call to the landlord after we moved revealed that this was not the case. I now have 4 sofas (plus lots of other stuff) in my lounge, and I don’t particularly want 2 of them. In theory, the agent is sorting this out, but given their tendency to lie to everyone about everything, I’ve half a mind to just dump it on the pavement outside and declare it to be not my problem.

The other calamity is cleaning. Most tenancy agreements require you to clean a place before you move out, and promise a professional clean before you move in. The previous tenants obviously didn’t clean before they moved out, and no clean was done before I moved in. So now I’m in the fantastic situation of being unable to unpack to allow the cleaners to come this week and do something. I’m sleeping on the floor. I’m not happy.

Legally, I’m not sure where I stand. I’ll see where things are by the end of the week.