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People have been making a lot of noise recently about IPv6. You know, that thing whereby IPv4 is going to run out of address space and everyone’s going to have to start nat’ing everything they own. There are a bunch of compelling reasons why IPv6 is better than IPv4, including things like:

  • Eliminating NAT - Because there are enough IPv6 addresses for everyone in the world a couple of million times over, NAT suddenly becomes redundant.

  • Firewall packet fragmentation - The wise people at . tell me that currently there is a problem with packet fragmentation on IPv4 and knowing what packet fragments go where. IPv6 doesn’t support it, so this won’t be an issue

  • Ummmm…… Can’t think of anything

So, being bored and waiting for my nice shiney second hand Cisco 837 router to turn up, I decided to turn my small home network into an IPv6 network and probably break everything beyond repair.

It’s at this point that I usually launch into some article rant about something technical that no-one really understands, but it turns out I don’t actually have a clue about this either. And I’m willing to admit it.

In other news, today I pursuaded someone not to force my project to spend a lot of money on switches in Geneva. Score!