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Gosh, what? Java? Who?

It’s been a while coming, but I’ve finished the Java-version of this site and deployed it onto Glassfish! Hurrah. So far, it’s different in that it’s better, faster and less broken. It may brake every now and again though, so if that happens, bear with me. It’s rather cunning, because all the messy infrastructure bits (databases, email) are all abstracted away from the code and kept in the app server, so I can deploy the same codebase on as many different environments that I want.

The links page is probably the most changed. It now pulls in my Delicious account. So far, there’s only two links on there, but I’ll add more through time. It’s basically my bookmark list, so it’s probably only useful to me. Still, at least it’s useful to me.

I’ll tinker some more. Maybe I could figure out how to get it to email me when it breaks.