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Saturday Morning

Well, it’s afternoon, but that makes little difference. People are turning up today. This has two distinct meanings. People I know are here, and so are their parents. This has the obvious advantages that I can go and talk to the people that I know, and obvious disadvantages in that they’re all out to lunch/dinner/shopping with their parents.

I looked through last year’s part II exams for my course and discovered that I knew none of it. I was mildly relieved that the amount of information I didn’t know was smaller than I had originally thought. I only need to really know about 20 topics in any great detail, as opposed to the 40 or so I had originally thought. This knowledge however, is a bad thing as makes me feel less guilty about not working. Not working is one of those things I’ve become especially practised at, to the point where I could possibly not work for England. Still, it gives me plenty of opportunity for doing things like applying for jobs, not talking to people, and avoiding welsh cakes.

I was 1p short for the chocolate machine again. If I had a penny for every time that had happened, I’d have a lot of chocolate by now. That bugs me.

I’m aware that my news posts have been slightly lacking in content of late, so my subconscious has apparently taken the task of using this post to make up for it. You’ve probably stopped reading this mindless inane babble by now, so in fact it doesn’t matter how long I ramble on for. The only thing that determines this is how much rambling Notnet can fit on their server which, at the last count, is not very much.

Also, in order to submit this, I need to pick my right hand up and move it over to the mouse in order to press the shiny “Add” button I have sat just beneath this box. I would do you a screenshot, but that’d take effort.

Bleh. Dinnertime.

Oh, forgot to add, there’s new photos up. You’ll find them in the photos section, which in this hideously easy-to-navigate website is linked to both on the left, and right down at the bottom. Bet you didn’t know that.