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Randomness ahoy!

As I was sitting down, spluttering through slightly more than mild illness and trying to do some work, I learned that there was a rather random bunch of people who were going to sing Spem in Alium (by Tallis) in St. Catz college. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a early english choral piece written for 8 5-part choirs. A bit of maths tells you that you need at least 40 people to do this. On turning up I was assigned a part (Choir 4 baritone for those following my choral career) and found about 60 people, all of whom could sing rather well. Anyway, we rehearsed for an hour, and then sung (just now) at the college, outside which was a rather novel experience to say the least.

Now I have to keep on doing work and wonder why my chest suddenly hurts more than it should.

And W00t! to 30,000 hits. :) My congratulations to who was the 30,000th visitor to the site at 17:36:46 27/4/2004. You get a free trout (the fish, not the music).