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Illness strikes!

I’ve not posted in a while, mostly because there’s not a lot to say. My employer changed their name, and the number of people who work for them, which is exciting enough if you’re into that sort of thing.

Recently though, my spare time has been taken up with a new hobbey: illness. I’ve spent the best part of the last week spluttering and hacking my way through various meetings and bits of work and have caused a lot of people to look at me pitifully and say “Oh dear. Are you ok?”. I should have stayed at home, but unbelievably there’s too much to do. So I struggle on, my large stash of lockets in front of me and a large concentration of emptiness around me as millions keep their distance. It’s made even worse when I think I could have been playing Mario Kart all this time.

Which reminds me: Mario Kart Wii is great! Having played the N64 version quite a lot in the past, I had become delusional with the whole thing. There were those I competed with who knew all the secret glitches in the game that allowed you to miss out 90% of the track and win in record time. These same people seemed to be happy to label such activities as ‘fair’ on the basis that I had the equal opportunity to exploit the bugs left in by the poor, overworked coders.

With the Wii version, no more! I shall triumph for a number of reasons:

  1. The Wii lives in the same house as me

  2. It’s newer, so there will be fewer glitches (completely flawed argument, I know)

  3. I’ll find my own way of cheating

I sense a triumphant weekend of beating everyone I know at this singular triumph of karting fun.