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Little changes, here and there

I’m making a few changes to the site here and there. Just little things, like making the news url’s nicer (thank god for mod_rewrite). I’ve also put a spam filter on the comments which uses Akismet. If you get any false negatives when trying to write a comment, drop me a mail at “you told me that i am a spammer at growse dot com”. The mail address is obviously obscurfated to defeat those pesky spammers, but if you replace the relevant words with symbols and spaces with something like a “_”, then you’ll be fine.

I thought about going with KittenAuth, but Akismet is more transparent. If it proves problematic, then I’ll switch.

Other changes are more randomness on the front page and the creation of a Projects page. This is still being put together, but I’ve started a few development projects recently and will be putting those details up on that page. I ditched the about page, as it was a bit pointless. Things I still have to put in is RSS and possibly some sort of breadcrumb, but we’ll see about those.