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Ironic vandalism

Those of you familiar with the London Underground will no doubt be aware of the variety of adverts that you get to enjoy as you are ferried up and down escalators. I never really pay them that much attention, but I spotted an amusing thing this morning. There are a number of posters advertising cosmetic surgery, which in themselves are fairly harmless. However, some people appear to have taken offense to these and have reacted by sticking various labels over the top of these ads saying things like “Don’t buy this sexist shit” and “You are beautiful. You don’t need this”. I always thought it fairly amusing that a group of people should use the medium of impersonal and social pressure to rile against an industry that appears to profit from other people’s susceptibility to impersonal and social pressure. I’m not sure if it’s genius or stupid.

I was idly thinking if there was some sort of concise yet witty retort that could also be stuck up alongside the original stickers. Something like “Ignore the stickers! Be yourself!” written on a sticker and stuck to a poster would be suitably contradictory. As I was musing this, I noticed on the next poster up the escalator that someone had been thinking along the same lines. Their sticker? “It worked for Michael Jackson”. Tasteless? Almost certainly. Funny? Yes.

On a different note, this site is now fully IPv6’d up! Hurrah. I mean fully in the actual literal sense, in that all the DNS responses from the root server downwards contain AAAA records. The IPv6 DNS glue is in place and working marvellously.