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14 days to go

I’ve been faffing with secondary DNS. After perusing the reports at DNSStuff, I realised that there were a few problems with the current DNS implementation. Of course, misconfigured DNS is baaaaaaad as it helps nasty people to do DoS attacks. I think. Anyways, I found EveryDNS who provide secondary DNS hosting for free, so I’ve gone with them. Reliability and cheapness :)

In other, less geeky, news, I’m getting slightly concerned about coming home. I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff that gets packed up by a nice company and carted off to my house in London, making a brief stop in customs along the way. The problem is that I’m flying back in 2 weeks and no-one’s done anything about organising the shipping of my stuff. Also, I’m not living at the same address in London that I was when I moved my stuff here. In further addition on-top-of-that, I’m not going to be at that address for most of December. I can see this one getting quite screwed up.

Anyways, everything here is wonderfully cold, just like it should be in winter :)