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Summer weather

I like England. I really do. I like how it’s nearly July and properly raining and cold outside - you don’t get that sort of thing anywhere else. Well, maybe in the southern hemisphere, but that’s not really what I mean.

The show I’m doing mentioned here has only one more week to run and I’m told that we’re all sold out. This is bad for anyone who wanted to see it and hasn’t managed to yet (it’s really good and I’m not just saying that) but good for me, as I get a cut of the profits. Doing the maths though, I realise that at 18 shows, 60ish seats, £10 a seat and a company of about 45 people, that might not be a particularly large slice of this pie. Oh well, at least it’s fun, which is important.

Excitingly, I’m changing my job in a few weeks. Not proper getting a new job with a new company or anything, but moving around doing something different. I’ll be doing some sort of technical auditing thing for about 6-7 weeks. Sounds dull, but they are sending me to St Louis for most of August. Having never been to anywhere in the US other than New York, this should be a good thing. However, the fact that I don’t know if I’ll be any good at doing whatever it is I’ll be doing means that I’m slightly apprehensive about it.

In other news, things are possibly picking up on the psplant front - I’ve gone and bought and am in the process of putting trac on it. However, trac doesn’t seem to want to talk to anything that isn’t sqlite or postgres, and I can’t get openid working on it. Much still to do I think. Aside from that, trac does seem perfect for my current needs. If only I knew python.

I’m also in the process of re-thingying the photos bit to get everything into the grawgle format. However, there are rather a lot of pictures, so it may take a while.