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Yes! That’s right! It’s another stylesheet! This one’s not going to rotate for a while, and is in a sort of beta whilst I fix various markup issues. Hope everyone likes it.

Now to the subject of hate mail.

I bought my apple keyboard as everyone knows. The problem is, it didn’t work. What followed was a slightly hilarios saga involving me travalling to places unnecessarily and being in the interesting position of having two keyboards at once.

I phoned them up and I shouted at them saying it was faulty and didn’t work. Basically, some (most) keys would double type when I pressed them. Ssoo I endedd up withh loots of worrds loooooking likee tthis. Which is a pain when you’re coding. Anyway, I got an RMA number, and was completely unsurprised to find I had to post it back to Holland. After negotiating with them for many hours, they finally agreed to pay my shipping cost to send the thing back. This was last Friday. Foolishly, I remembered that there’s an Apple shop in Regent Street and knowing that Apple are the sort of company that like to treat their customers well, I thought I’d pay them a visit to see if I could swap it there. After spending the best part of an hour battling my way to the west end from Canary Wharf, I was bluntly told that, despite me standing in an Apple shop holding a broken Apple keyboard, they would not take it back because I bought it from the web shop. The thought of buying a keyboard from the shop and then returning the other one straight afterwards didn’t occur to me at that moment, but I wish now I had done it. Disheartened, I went home.

On Monday, a strange thing happened. A brand new keyboard turned up for me. Perplexed, and now the apparent owner of 2 Apple keyboards I plugged the new one in. It ‘appeared’ to not suffer the same problems as the first one. So I took the first one to the post office and returned it to them after it was mentioned to me that they might handle RMA’s in the same way hard disk people do. If it breaks, they ship a new one out straight away, and if they don’t get the old one back, just bill you for the new one. Anyway, turns out the new one is also broken. Not as much broken as the first one, but it’s still broken. It is useable though, so we’ll see how frustrated I get with it. If it gets worse, I’ll jump on it or something and buy one from logitech.