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We love Singlepoint (with apologies)

This is what it says on the back of every phone statement I get from Singlepoint:Calls not eligable for Free Talktime:

  • International calls - both from the UK and abroad

  • Calls made at peak times if you are on an Off Peak Tariff

  • Calls made once your Free Talktime allowance has been fully used

  • Premium rate calls

  • Freephone numbers

As you can see, there is absolutely no mention of 0845 numbers. So when they decided to bill me for every 0845 dial-up internet call I made in the holidays (yes, they’re mostly off-peak), I was rather annoyed. That’s a little understated. Yes I know that it says in the contract somewhere in size 2 font that 0845 numbers are not included, but the fact that they fail (woo, bold and itallic) to mention this rather useful fact in the place where they decide to mention all the other things they will bill you for is either stupid, or bloody clever marketing. Anyway, a very polite, to-the-point letter will wing it’s way to their customer relations dept. on the advice of the person on the end of the phone (who it took about 30 mins to get through to). She said I was right to be annoyed, and that I might get my money back if I write to them.

Knowing this lot, I’m not optimistic.