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We really really love the railways

I’m now in Warwick. Apparently I have to build a database/web/thingie server which I’ve called squeeble. I would be a lot happier, but I left my phone on the train and therefore my phone is currently in Newcastle. This would have been ok had I been able to get through to the station to tell them that my phone was arriving on the 20:23 from somewhere, but due to the absolutely wonderful system that runs our railways, it was impossible to get through to anyone. Besides, I’ve only 2 months left on the contract anyway and so it’ll cost me £30 max. And it’s an excuse to get a different better phone on a better tarrif with a company that doesn’t strive to make as much money out of everyone as possible.

So if anyone’s reading this and can’t get through to me, I don’t actually have a phone. At all. You’ll want to phone college.

Now I need to go and buy a new phone.