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Lounging around. Ready to fly.

I’ve had an interesting day. I fly back tonight and thus the past two days has been festival of packing everything. I am still of the opinion that I posess the greatest packing skillset of anyone I know. That was, until, this morning, when I was just collecting my wallet, phone and keys……. I couldn’t find my keys. After scrabbling around the apartment for a good half hour and unpacking everything from the two large and one small suitcases that my worldly possessions fit in, I still couldn’t find them. I’m resigned to the fact that I’ve either managed to throw them away (can’t see how), or they are packed somewhere and I missed them, twice.

Anyhoo, I forgot about that and tried to get my act together and spent an hour trying to find a cab. Eventually, one stressful journey later, I arrive and I’m sipping wine and waiting for the spa to open. As the large family of 7 babies park up next to me, I don my noise-blocking earphones and reflect on what a peculiar time this has been. I’ve learned a good many things, some positive, some negative. Primarily, I like England, English people, and English beer - I most definitely am looking forward to my first real pint in a long long time. Aside from that, I learned some boring work stuff, like how Americans work and think, which will probably be useful in the future.

Overall, I’m happy to be returning. Very happy as it turns out, as a day longer here pushes me closer to the magic number of days you have to spend in the US on a rolling year before they start wanting money off you. As long as I don’t return to the US for more than 2 weeks total between now and June, I’ll be fine. I should be able to manage that……

Off to buy earplugs. Can’t remember if you get them on the plane and I’d actually like to sleep this time. BA have been advertising new beds - hope they’re comfier than the old ones :)