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Raining goodness

I must say that Edinburgh is rather a nice place. The entire concept of putting a castle on a hill, building a huge train station next to it, and then trying to fit all the other usual town stuff (shops, roads etc.) around it on not-exactly-level ground is quite an amusing one. It’s not exactly very warm, but that’s good, because that means more people come and see our show.

If you’re in Edinburgh at the moment, you want to be going to C venues at about 2:50 on any day of the week between now and September. We’re in the -1 venue (basement) and will try not to take very much money off you.

The flat I’m in with about 5 other people is rather nice, quite large and everything in the kitchen works. Problem is that it’s on the 3rd floor, which is a pain for getting stuff up the stairs. That said, the views are quite good.

As far as the show itself is going, we open in about 2 hours. After flying to Scotland at a stupidly early time, we arrived to do a tech rehearsal at midday. With a timeslot of 4 hours, and a charge of £10 for every minute we went over, I came to the rapid conclusion that the tech would be a bit inadequate. As it turned out, we didn’t get everything done that we needed to, and so the dress rehearsal (yesterday) was a bit shambolic. Still, today should be interesting.

Add to that I’m on holiday (again!!!) in a few days :)