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When I started writing this, it’s 23:03pm. I don’t know why that’s relevant, it just is. So, obviously the actual time displayed above is the time at when I submit this which includes the time taken to write it and spell check it (yes I do that).

Sometimes, it’s nice to take whatever power you have, and just flaunt it. I just picked the menu for the annual choir dinner (sounds dull? Free posh 4 course meal isn’t bad) which means I get to pick what I like to eat and also means I can exclude things like parsnips which are awful. We’re having trout and wild boar incidentally in case anyone was wondering.

However, none of this helps the fact that the great job hunt is a none starter after having approximately 6 rejections before interview. I can’t be that bad…….. Ah well, I decided to add more things to the tutorials section. Namely my Idiot’s guide to weird stuff which I’m sure will bring enlightenment to many for years.

Woo, 23:12.