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Once again, I broke everything!

About a week ago, I broke the admin side of this site. I couldn’t be bothered to fix it, as I’m moving host soon to a dedicated box. In theory, Register1 were meant to have the new box in place and running already, but ‘supply issues’ have meant that it’s not there yet. Therefore I thought a post was in order to keep me up to date with what’s going on. I shall now flop out everything that’s in my head in no discernible order.

I bought the monitor!!! It’s rather huge. It’s also rather awesome. I was going to order it from the cheapest place on Froogle, but they turned out to be crap, so i had to get it from somewhere about $20 more expensive. Still, it turned up, perfect condition, no dead pixels etc. The only thing it doesn’t do (apparently) is accept HD input. I don’t care about this really, I don’t watch anything in HD. Now I just have to find a way to get rid of my old monitor. I’ll probably have to sell it here, via ebay - really don’t want to have to post it though.

This is amazingly cool. Good to watch when drunk.

I’m coming back to the UK! Just for a week though starting October 16th. Back for good on December 17th.

I’m perplexed by the weather here. It’s lunchtime right now, on a monday in October and it’s about 22 degrees outside. I don’t understand what’s going on

  • I was expecting drizzle, winds, trees flapping about, odd-coloured leaves flying through the streets and all that stuff you get from a New England Fall. Must happen later.

I wasted an hour of my life the other night trying to put a SCSI cage together sideways. I was so amazingly pissed off that I had possibly got something that was stupid and proprietry that I missed the fact that it wasn’t the right way up. For an hour. Joy.

I had an idea that I could review every single Ben & Jerry’s flavour that I could buy in my local shop (quite a lot of them), but then I decided I would get amazingly large amazingly quickly. So I binned that idea.

I’m out of things to say. Nothing’s happening at work, things are slowly progressing on the PSPlant front but we can’t do much until the new host is up and I have no cake. Must buy some cake.