I write things here.

The archive.

Everything is broken :-(

I have a to-do list. It’s quite long. Some of it involves fixing some of the things the dissenters are complaining about, like updating the styles to make it look like I actually spent some time on them (which I didn’t). Also, I need to fix the guestbook, which is broken. Actually, I’ll probably dump the guestbook in favour of news item comments, which is the way to go I think. Hmmm, yes. That’s sensible.

However, these things are way below the usual to-do list stuff, like “laundry”, “work”, “eating” and other such fun things. I’ll have a crack at it over the weekend, if I get time (I won’t - more exciting things to do). That and a nice new video section for cool time-lapse stuff.

Must dash - Rover beckons.