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We're all going on a... windy holiday...

I’ve just spent the last week in the wonderful lake district. Despite being February, the weather wasn’t too bad at all, and I got to see some nice hills and things. Lakes too if I remember correctly. The whole trip was great, until I noticed that my camera lens was broken. It seems to work perfectly, but it won’t focus shorter than about 0.8-0.9m. Considering it’s a pretty reasonable macro lens, this is very very annoying. What is also very very annoying is that it’s 13 months old, and therefore very conveniently outside of it’s warranty period. I’m thinking I’ll just live with it for a few months and then buy a Canon 24-70L f2.8 when I’ve saved up. Hopefully nothing else will break in the next few weeks - I can’t really afford it.

I’m in Manchester now, and will be back in London tomorrow. There’s a large pile of stuff to be ebay’ed which is both good and bad - bad because it’s work, good because it creates both space and money at the same time. Once that’s all gone, I can go back to buying new things to fill up the space with. :)