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Me vs Universe. The struggle continues.

As I’ve turned older, I’ve noticed I’ve started doing “old people” things. However, this seems to have been accompanied by a number of “old people” problems.

For example, I found out yesterday that the person 3 rungs up my house-buying chain have decided that they don’t want to be a part of this any more, and have run away. This leaves me in the position where I have a house to buy, the people I’m buying off have a house to buy, but the people they’re buying off suddenly do not have a house to buy. There’s something wrong with a system that enables so much time wasting and frustration to be inflicted on me by a person I’ve never met, who is merely trying to buy a house somewhere in East Anglia. However, this seems to be the system we’ve got. I’m pessimistic about being in by Christmas now.

I’m also doing other “old people” things like spending (lots of) money on serious things like motor vehicles. Back in September, I bought a little 125 motorbike for the purposes of commuting. Given that I’m going to be moving to a place much further away from the office, I decided to do my proper test and buy a bigger bike. Most of this is complete, except for the buying bit. I hope to sort this out at the weekend. Much fun will then be had.

I’m sad the summer had gone so quickly and that I seem to have done nothing with it. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy.