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Not long now

So, it’s suddenly here. This Friday I have to travel to a part of London at a specified time and for 9 days after that, I have no idea where I’ll be. It’s the mystical magical RACE AROUND EUROPE!

Of course, there is reason behind this. I would not choose to embark on such a silly and ill-conceived adventure without there being some motivation, some element of CHALLENGE! I mentioned that it’s a RACE! and that necessitates the inclusion of other CHALLENGERS in the RACE! We are, naturally, competing to see who is the BEST MAN. The winner will then be appointed the BEST MAN at someone’s wedding in October. I make it sound like the wedding will be chosen at random, but it should be made clear that this is not random, this will be a spectacular wedding of HISTORIANS.

I am one of the CHALLENGERS. There are five (5) other CHALLENGERS. We know nothing. Most of the ENTOURAGE accompanying us on this trip also know nothing. All I know is that I don’t yet have nearly enough of the things that I need to ultimately successful in the RACE. I do not even know if I will have access to the INTERNET once I am out on the road. If I do, you can expect frequent updates to this particular publishing venue. If I do not, there will be only silence. Rest assured though, the RACE! will be heavily documented for later publication. I will occasionally take copious notes and may even entertain the idea of taking PHOTOGRAPHS or VIDEO-like material.

I must go now, to buy THINGS for the RACE!