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Well, it was always going to happen to me one day. A little while back, I bought a Maxtor 300Gb hard disk so that I could put things on it. Everything was lovely, and I kept all the files for this cd I’m making on it. Anyway, yesterday, working on the cd, and I go to save something when it hangs. Then it says it can’t get at the network drive. So I think the server’s turned itself off or something, and ssh in to check that it’s alive. It is alive, it’s just that samba has stopped, and the log is saying nasty things like “I CAN’T WRITE TO IT!!!! OH NO!!!!! IT’S DYING!!!!!!!!!”. This is bad. After rebooting the server a few times and have it not detect the disk, I am then resigned to the fact that I am actually going to have to do all this work again. (In the midst of this, I break my laptop and spend 3 hours fixing it again).

So the next day, I start to work on the cd from scratch again, but check the disk anyway just in case it was tired and needed some sleep. To my (only mild) surprise, it’s detected and seems to work. So I copy as much stuff of it as I possible can whilst the log is saying “YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING THIS!!! I’M GOING TO DIE AGAIN!!!!!” and manage to get pretty much everything off before it dies again. So now all I have to do is RMA a disk to Maxtor, and get a new one. I might also buy another one as a backup just in case this happens again. It’s some sort of conspiracy to get money out of me, I can tell….